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Floor Sanding

Floor Sanding Dagenham Can Rely On!

Floor SandingIf you’ve started to notice that your beautiful wooden floor is showing signs of wear and tear, or you’re thinking of getting those lovely floor boards out from under your carpet and into the light, we’ve got just the service for you. We give you the floor sanding Dagenham homes and businesses trust to keep their flooring in picture-perfect condition. Keep your flooring in magnificent shape for years and years to come with a little help from our fully trained and insured cleaners.

The Easy Way to Get Wood Floor Sanding in Dagenham

Professionally-delivered wood floor sanding services serving all of Dagenham is what we’re all about! Talk to us today about your unique floor, and you’ll get:

  • A triple-grade sanding procedure that gets gradually finer, ensuring your flooring is returned to its best
  • 24-hour a day phone and online booking and support facilities
  • Your choice out of a wide array of appointment slots, including weekend and Bank Holiday options
  • Stunning value for money, and access to an array of special deals
  • Comprehensive insurance protection
  • Trained and experienced cleaners performing every service
  • A no-obligation on-site viewing from a trained professional before we get started!

How Our Dagenham Floor Sanding Services Work

Simply call and set up your appointment and you’ll receive your no-obligation on-site consultation at the time that suits you best. Ideally you’ll have moved all furniture and carpet out of the way of the flooring you want us to address – this means that we’ll be able to see every corner of its surface and give you the most accurate quote. Once you’ve agreed to our quoted price, your professional floor sanding services will get under way! First off, we’ll be replacing any nails and re-fixing any floor boards that have come unfastened, and then filling any gaps that you’ve requested us to. After this comes the sanding – we use three different grades of sandpaper of increasing fineness, which prepares your wood floor to accept any staining you’ve chosen, and the final coat of sealant. This can either be natural oil, natural wax or sealant lacquer depending on the use you’re going to put your flooring to.

Get Your Work from a Team of Fully Insured Professionals

Full insurance cover and advanced regular training ensures that you receive expert floor sanding services of the highest quality. You’ll often see our quality control inspectors examining our team’s work too – it’s our way of guaranteeing the highest standards for you every time.

Call to Book Wood Floor Sanding Now!

Give us a quick call on 020 3404 9123 today, or alternatively fill in our booking form or chat facility to get speaking to a member of our friendly advisory team. They know everything there is to know about how we deliver the reliable floor sanding Dagenham needs, and will be glad to answer any questions that you might have about what we can do for you and your floor. Set up your appointment and get your on-site viewing sorted today in about five minutes flat!

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